Chanoyu Workshop at The German University in Cairo

After the move from Jordan to Egypt last September, it took a few months to start Chanoyu Arabia’s activities in Cairo.

The Applied Arts Activity Week at the GUC, was a great chance to introduce Chanoyu to the students.

With great help from my dear tea friends whom I met in Cairo, we were able to set up a tea room, suitable for the activity.

Colleagues and students were happy to get a taste of this inspiring culture.

The activity was held over two days, with people mostly sitting in as guests, and one student was eager to learn how to make tea by herself.

It was very rewarding to see the enthusiasm, and the keenness to learn precisely how to hold each utensil and handle it properly.

The student was able to learn bonryaku temae, and also the hirademae usucha.

It was great using both Japanese and Egyptian utensils in our first official event in Egypt.

“Sen Ri Dou Fu” meaning Same wind blows, even at a thousand miles, was the theme of our gathering, for it was the same wind that set sailed me from Japan to Jordan, and now even further to Egypt.

Our kind tea friends, with the keen student.

The guests enjoyed the sweets, the tea, and looking at the gorgeous kimonos.

Starting with the basic steps of learning chanoyu, such as folding the chakin, fukusa, and wiping the natsume and chashaku.

The first tea bowl.

One of our Japanese enthusiast colleagues enjoying his tea.

Thanks to all of those who came and enjoyed their time, and to all the friends who went out of their way to help out in this memorable event, that even after several months, some students express their desire in taking part in any future similar events.


5 responses

  1. mariam

    “sen ri dou fu” this is so so so beautiful, everything is so lovely, the flowers, all the details… ya3teek il3afyeh:D

    2012/04/30 at 12:33 PM

    • Allah y3afeeki Mary-chan.
      InshaAllah we will have tea together in Cairo.

      2012/04/30 at 5:11 PM

  2. Gupse

    The white moon-jar.
    How it shines in the daytime!

    2012/05/02 at 5:47 PM

    • Thanks Gupse-san for such thoughtful comment, ohisashiburi desu ne.

      2012/05/05 at 11:44 PM

      • I miss you, sensei.
        I followed the moon-jar from its picture on facebook.

        It has been a hectic year.
        There’s a new section head who came last December.
        We’ve had Japan women lawyers and a soccer match by one of Japan’s national youth soccer teams in February, JJAS meeting in March, scholarship exams and filtration in May and June, an exhibition on architecture in July, I went to Scotland in August, and we’ve just said goodbye to our Japanese Youth Delegation in September.
        Coming up are the Black Iris festival next Friday, The Diplomatic Bazaar the Friday after that, and Jordan University’s 50th Anniversary celebrations after THAT.

        We need to put together as Japanese a section as possible, for that I have contacted you on Facebook.
        Are you available on Thursday the 18th of October?

        2012/10/02 at 9:56 AM

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