“Children Without Borders” Staff Gathering – 国境なき子どもたち “KnK” スタッフ茶会

A few days ago, we have had the great pleasure of hosting the wonderful local staff of the non-profit organisation KnK,  who supports underprivileged youth in Asia, by offering them educational programs and extra curricular activities.

KnK began operation in 2000, from their base in Tokyo, and in 2007 Jordan joined their network, and currently caters to almost 800 kids.

We were very glad Kato-san, the project coordinator, was able to feel the warmth of her home while enjoying her tea.

Our host, Mariam-san, proved to handle her first official Chakai very well.

The staff of KnK consists of teachers and social workers, who besides providing the education and activities to the kids, they also work on reintegrating the underprivileged youth into society.

This event was an introduction to a bigger two-day event, dedicated for all the kids, which Chanoyu Arabia is looking forward to taking part in at the KnK centre in Jabal Amman, on the 27th and 28th of June 2011.

Thanks to Kato-san for coordinating this event and introducing us to the wonderful staff, and thanks to Tymoor-sensei for coming up with the initial idea, and for documenting this event, and thanks to Mariam-san for her efforts and support.

Looking forward to meeting and sharing tea with the kids on the coming big event.


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