Incentive Tea Gathering for “Sitat Byoot”

“Sitat Byoot” is a group of women that work from their homes, by creating and selling various handmade products.

The founders of this group approached Chanoyu Arabia to host their incentive gathering, and introduce their members to Japanese culture, and the numerous crafts that involve Chanoyu.

It was a great pleasure meeting all those creative and proactive women, and see them absorb this new experience and learn a few new things, that hopefully would help them come up with new ideas for their projects.

After greeting the guests, and introducing Chanoyu to them, everyone was paying attention to the steps of preparing tea.

To our pleasant surprise, the main guest, by mere coincidence, had previously experienced Chanoyu, several years ago. She was very excited to try it for the second time, in this more elaborate setting.

With the great help of Mariam-san, it was possible to serve all the guests in a good pace.

This was the first official event that Mariam-san sat in as the host, and prepared tea for the guests, which made us very proud of her.

The guests got the chance to have a close look at the Natsume and the Chanshaku, which for them meant more than utensils, but rather handmade products, that showed the Japanese craftsmanship.

The guests were interested to learn the stories of the utensils, where and how they were made.

Thanks to “Sitat Byoot” for choosing Chanoyu Arabia for treating their members to this incentive tea gathering, and giving them this chance to explore this part of Japanese culture with us.


2 responses

  1. mariam

    😀 we really had great time that day:D and definitely it was a special day for me:D thanks a lot sittat byout, and thanks a lot Ahmad sensei:D

    2011/06/14 at 10:37 AM

    • Thank you for hosting the event. Looking forward for the future events. 🙂 ganbarimashou.

      2011/06/26 at 2:38 PM

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